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Welcome to Yuxi, A City of Jasper-like and Clear Creeks

Yuxi City, located in the middle of Yunnan Province, known as the hometown of Nie’er, tobacco, Huadeng opera and plateau lake (the original land of life, the land where Nie Er was born, the hometown of tobacco and the hometown of Huadeng opera and the water land of plateau), is one of the core cities in city group of central Yunnan. As an important junction of the eastern and central Trans-Asian Railway routes and Kunming-Bangkok Road, it is the nearest prefecture-level city to the provincial capital Kunming, greatly developed by Yunnan to be a radiation center facing South and Southeast Asia. It has a unique radiation location for the international market with a population of 2 billion, entering the "high-speed railway era", realizing the "high-speed railway between county to county" and having the geographical advantage of the tourism core region in central Yunnan and southeast, south and southwest Yunnan tour routes connection. The city's forest coverage rate is close to 60%, and the proportion of areas with good environmental quality in the urban center is 99.7%. It is one of the first healthy cities in the country and an excellent place for sightseeing, leisure, health care and sojourn.

Nine counties (cities, districts) are governed by Yuxi, each county possessing featured tourism resources. Ecologically livable, Hongta District is known as the hometown of Nie Er, the hometown of tobacco and the hometown of Huadeng opera, with its people outstanding. Jiangchuan District is a land of milk and honey, having splendid bronze culture. Chengjiang County possesses spectacular scenery featured by verdant mountains and beautiful rivers, aiming to become an "international tourist city", "international health city" and "international conference center" around the Fuxian Lake. The historical Tonghai is famous for its folk story "Xiu Jia Nan Dian", its talented people, its splendid culture and its spectacular scenery. Huaning County is a Spring Town of China, noted for oranges and ceramics. Yimen County, a water town in central Yunnan, producing fungi, and surrounded by rivers, mountains and trees. The first autonomous county of Yi nationality, E'shan County is featured by its hospitable people who are talented in dancing and singing. Xinping County, with Dai nationality, a descendant of ancient Dian kingdom, and Ailao Mountains as its features, is rich in traditional customs and vegetation species. Yuanjiang County, an excellent place to avoid cold and preserve one's health, has fragrant flowers and fruits, with majestic and spectacular Hani Terraces.

Yuxi has a long history, splendid culture and charming ethnic customs. Its history could be traced from paleontological age to the 5,000-year development period of Chinese civilization. Chengjiang biota presents the real appearance of Cambrian Explosion 518 million years ago and ancient marine organism. It is the only world natural heritage in Asia and there are only three in the world. The wood products unearthed from the Paleolithic site in Gan Tangqing are the earliest wood products found in the world so far. The "Cow and Tiger Bronze Table" unearthed in Lijiashan and the "Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow" in Gansu are known as the elaborated works of the Chinese bronze art. The Indian Ocean seashells unearthed at the Xingyi Beiqiu site have verified that Yuxi in central Yunnan had commercial contacts with South Asia 5,000 years ago. Dai, a descendant of the ancient Dian Kingdom, retains the cultural characteristics of the most primitive Dai. The Mongolians at Qilu Lake wrote a legend of their ancestors. The brown fan dance on the Hani terraces reflects the love of life of Hani nationality. Qu Huanzhang, the developer of Yunnan Baiyao, grew up here, and Nie Er composed the national anthem here.

Yuxi possesses unique scenery featured by its spectacular mountains and rivers. Yuxi is named with its jasper-like and clear creeks. The three lakes (Fuxian Lake, Xingyun Lake and Qilu Lake) with Fuxian Lake as the core are the largest lake group originating from the source of Zhujiang River. Among them, the splendid Fuxian Lake with mist wafting above, surrounded by spectacular scenery, is the deepest and the purest inland lake with the largest reserve, containing large content of negative air ions and becoming the rare outdoor sports center and health tourist holiday center. On May 2019, Fuxian Lake tourist area was listed as a China National Tourist Resort. The beautiful mountains in Yuxi witness the history development from the life explosion hundreds of millions of years ago to the prosperous industrial age. With 1016 kinds of advanced plants and 460 kinds of wild animals bred, Ailao mountain running through Yuxi is the biggest original middle mountain moist evergreen broadleaf forest in China, where the biodiversity and the plant community are preserved completely, compared with those of other regions in the same latitude. Xiushan which was listed as one of the four famous mountains in Yunnan in the Ming dynasty, still retains more than 200 pieces of inscribed tablets and gravestones, known as "Bian Shan Lian Hai", representing an important treasure for studying the culture of couplets and poems. Founded in the Yuan dynasty and once one of the eight tourist interests in the Qing dynasty, Hongta Mountain displays the splendor and the opinion "Always Beyond Expectation", as the modern national industry, Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd rises.