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Brief Introduction of Fuxian Lake National Tourist Resort in Yuxi

Yuxi Yingyuetan Leisure Culture Center (AAAA)

Yuxi Huilong Ecological Garden (AAAA)

Chengjiang Luchong Scenic Resort (AAAA)

Yuxi Tonghai Xiushan Historical Cultural Park (AAAA)

Xinping Mopanshan (Mopan Mountain) National Forest Park (AAAA)

Yuxi Museum (AAA)

Yuxi Qinghua Street (AAA)

Billion Years of Yuxi

Colorful Ethnic Style

Wild Luxury River Valley


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"Billion Years of Yuxi" series of cultural and tourism routes.

"Billion Years of Yuxi" series of cultural and tourism routes. With the theme of " billion years of Yuxi ", based on the long history of Yuxi, it connects "Maotian Mountain (518 million years) - Gantangqing (1 to 2 million years) - Xingyi (more than 6000 years) – Lijia Mountain (more than 2400 years) - Huaningtao (more than 600 years) – Hongta Mountain (more than 600 years)". Tourists can enjoy a series of products such as "billion years of research and learning" and "billion years of exploration".