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Long-table Banquet

The busiest period in October New Year is "Long-table Banquet" of Hani minority group. In this festival, each Hani cottage has a street banquet throughout the whole cottage. It is also called a long dragon banquet. Small villages gather together, and large villages are divided into two or three areas to host the banquet in different periods. Each area takes turns as the host and people from other areas will attend as guests to drink and party. This is the most cheerful and enthusiastic occasion in October New Year, and is the most representative scene of Hani people. When the sun goes down and the sky gets darker, young men and women flock to a broad area to set up bonfires. People gather around the bonfire and beat drums and gongs; play three and four strings; Blow leaves and bamboo flutes. Young men and women dance with the drumbeat. The songs and the beats of the drums can be heard in the sky of the cottage. As the moon comes out, young men and women start singing love songs.