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Three Ceremonies in Confucian Temple

Tonghai has a long history and profound cultural heritage, and it is well known as “The most beautiful place in south Yunnan" and "Famous country of manner and music". Located at the foot of Xiushan Mountain, Tonghai Confucian temple is the second largest Confucian temple in Yunnan province. Known as the "Greatest Master and The Most Holy Teacher" since ancient times, Confucian is respected as a teacher of all ages. The Confucianism formed by his thoughts and behaviors has a great influence on the ideological and moral system of later generations in our country, shaping the traditional moral values of respecting the old and loving the young, diligent in learning, and humble. The "Three Ceremonies" (first writing ceremony, childhood ceremony and adult ceremony) activities are held in Tonghai Confucian temple to allow people affected by hectic emotions to return to tradition and find the spirit from traditional Chinese culture. The purpose of the event is to allow every guest to experience the profound historical and cultural heritage of Tonghai meanwhile enable young people and parents to understand Chinese traditional culture through the three ceremony activities, so that children can understand the aspirations, etiquette and filial piety, pass on our excellent Chinese culture, and continue to build a harmonious society.