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Torch Festival

Torch Festival, in Yi ethnic language is "luo zhe fei tuo" and "chu lai". The Yi people sing and dance to celebrate this grand traditional festival on June 24th in lunar calendar every year. Each family in the Yi ethnic village will make a torch, lit it up when it gets dark, firstly, go around the house with the hope of driving away evil spirits and disease and then get out of the village with the hope of driving the plague out of the village and protecting the safety of people and domestic animals, and then torches are piled up on the mountain for burning, which means to drive the plague to the mountain and burn it all. When burning, rosin is sprinkled to inflate the fire, which looks like a dragon leaping. It is very spectacular.

At that time, ceremonies of drilling wood for fire and fire transmission will be held in Daxishen Mountain. Activities that are held in the county including ancestor worship ceremonies, lighting ceremonies, bonfire carnival, 10,000 people dancing flower drums together, folk dancing performances of Yi people, traditional Yi cockfighting competitions and tasting the distinctive Yi food. Activities that are held in the Gaoxiang Wanmu Yuncha Manor includes self-driving camping, watching the sunrise, tea art performances, tea picking competition, and Yi party etc. Activities that are held in Zhuhai Manor of Yi Valley including self-driving camping, visiting bamboo area, tasting bamboo feast and having BBQ; activities that are held in Tianzi Mountain Hot Spring Resort including climbing Tianzi Mountain, taking bath in hot spring and water games; activities that are held in Fengwo Manor including fire transmission and Yi bonfires carnival. The series of activities during the Torch Festival is full of strong Yi culture, but also distinctive respectively.