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Visiting Flower Street

Visiting Flower Street is a festival in Xinping Yi and Dai autonomous county. The time varies from place to place. It is held twice a year in the area of Mosha town in Xinping county, once on the 13th day of the first lunar month, called "little flower street" or "up flower street"; once on the 6th day of the 5th lunar month, called "big flower street" or "down flower street". There are two traditional locations of Visiting Flower Street, one is Musha village, Longhe village committee of Mosha town; the other is Fenniu ferry, Manle village of Mosha town. The Huayao Dai minority group in the areas of Gasa town and Shuitang town host once a year, the time is the first Ox day of the 2nd month of the lunar calendar each year, and the traditional location is at the Daha river bridge in Gasa town. As Visiting Flower Street is an important way for young men and women in communication and choosing spouses, it is called "Eastern Valentine's Day".

Apart from preserving traditional activities such as flower street parade, folk culture display of Huayao Dai minority, folk music and dance performances, there are lots of new activities such as greeting the arrival of guests in ten miles, brothers playing in flower street · unlimited drinking of wine, farming etiquette display, soup pot banquet in the long street, soup pot king opening ceremony, Huayao Dai distinctive cultural water screen movies etc. In addition, there is passionate bullfighting performance on the Jushitan beach in the Red River Valley of Gasa town. These activities are various, primitive, natural and ecological, restoring the ancient traditional folk, customs and culture of Huayao Dai with more participation, interaction, appreciation and experience. A romantic and wonderful encounter and meetup in Yuxi is something that is definitely worth looking forward to for tourists...