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Copper Cooking Wok


The upper part of the copper cooking wok is the wok for cooking, the lower part is the stove for burning charcoal, and the chimney goes up through the wok, occupying the middle area of the whole wok and connecting the upper and lower part. Clean and polish the copper cooking wok, place cabbage, tofu, vermicelli, lotus root, black fungus and mushroom in the wok layer by layer, topping with Yunnan sliced ham, sliced pork belly and meatball, then add chicken soup or broth, sprinkle black cardamon and pepper powder, put the lit on, and put the hot burning charcoal in the middle tube. Open the lit, you will see a colorful dish. The fragrance of meat, vegetables and charcoal goes all over the house. The soup in the cooking pot is rich and delicious. However, this assorted dish from the lake area in Yuxi is the most authentic, in terms of cooking method, cookware and ingredients. If you want to taste the most authentic copper cooking wok, you must come to Yuxi.