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Delicacy from Mountain · Flower and Insect Feast


The people of all ethnic groups in the main peak area of Ailao Mountain have been living with nature for generations. There is a saying that "a hundred flowers and a hundred stems" can be used as vegetables, and that "every movement is meat, green is vegetable". Banana flowers, flower of buddhist bauhinia, tree flowers, broom, solanum deflexicarpum flower, yellow flower, birch leaf pear flower, flower of “horse ear”, rook flower, kapok flower, Chinese dwarf banana, and other flowers can be eaten raw, steamed and fried. The taste is sweet, crisp, and delicious. It is understood that the Huayao Dai ethnic group in of Ailao Mountain eats no less than 60 kinds of flowers and green leaves usually. Dishes, cakes, and drinks are made of wild vegetables, flowers, and fresh fruits. You can taste the flavor of the mountain and the spring in these cuisines.

Some strange and even crappy insects can be transformed into delicious food here. Some are said to be good for health, while others have a good taste. The distinctive insect cuisines in Huayao Dai ethnic area include fried grasshoppers, fried bamboo worms, fried bee pupae, lychee spring worms, fried dragonfly larva, fried cicadas, fried firewood worms, leek soup with ant egg, etc.