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Huanian Roast Duck


Located in the southwest of Eshan county, Yuxi city, Huanian town is famous for raising large geese. The geese eat grass and graze the wild. Therefore, the big geese produced here are fat, mellow and delicious. The people of Yi, Hani, and Dai living in Huanian dam are fond of tasting roast goose for generations. Each and every family has an earth oven for roasting goose. Whenever there are festivals or celebrations, roast goose is the most important dish on the dining table. Speaking of Huanian roast duck, people always talk about its taste and distinctive nutrition. With more than 10 years of hard work, it has now become a special product sold in and outside the province. Huanian roast duck is meaty, juicy, mellow. It has the characteristics of crisp skin, tender meat, fragrant bones, and fat but not greasy.