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Roast Duck with Pine Needles


Roast duck always ranked the top in Yuxi’s recipes and is well-known in the province. The famous poet Yang Zhuxi in the Qing dynasty spoke highly of Yuxi roast duck in his Qiyang Zhuzhi Poem. Yuxi roast duck is roasted with haystacks twisted and dried from pine needles. It is also called "Roast Duck with Pine Needles", which has a unique Yuxi flavor.

Every summer and autumn, there are many roast duck shops that are full of guests among streets of Yuxi. This kind of roast duck cuisine uses 40 to 50 days old Yuxi fat duck as ingredients. After the processes of removing blood, feather picking, removing internal organs, washing, scalding with boiling water, honey spreading etc., it is hung with iron hooks inside a hot earth oven that is burned with pine haystacks. Keep turning and observing the duck. Once fully cooked, it is taken out of the oven, served with spiced salt and onion sauce. It is tender and delicious. The fat meat is fresh but not greasy, the lean meat is tender but not sticky, the bones are crispy and the meat juice is sweet.