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The Whole Table of Lamb Feast


In Purbei, making a whole table of lamb feast takes a lot of preparation. Starting from the selection of ingredients, the goat must be strong and large. The lamb used for the whole table of lamb feast are all black goats raised on the mountain, and the most suitable goats have been raised for more than two years and weighed more than 30 kg. Black goat has fine muscle fibers, low hardness, tender meat, delicious taste, and less gamy. It has the effects of nourishing yin and yang, strengthening the body, improving human immunity, prolonging life, and beautifying. It is especially nutritious for the old, weak and sick people. 

Goats were slaughtered and shaved, processed into pieces according to different parts. Each part of the meat has different characteristics in cooking, either steamed or fried or stewed, there are over 30 dishes such as steamed lamb covered with flour, braised lamb, lamb soup, fried lamb liver, stir-fry lamb, lamb trotter, boiled lamb blood, cold sliced lamb, boiled lamb offal, roasted whole lamb etc., eye-catching, tempting, tasted spicy, refreshing, fat but not greasy. Guests will be too delighted to be homesick after having them.