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Three Dishes


The ingredients of the "Three Dishes" come from the folks. Learning the essence of various folk cooking with chicken, lamb, and fish. Each dish is strictly prepared and processed with various seasonings. The unique recipe makes it attractive and tasted. Jiangchuan Three Dishes are established from folk food culture, following the simplicity of traditional homemade cuisines, the strong culture sense and regional characteristics, and the concept of home are integrated into the cuisine, which make it heartwarming and memorable.

There is a story about the Three Dishes: in the picturesque Jiangchuan dam, there is a beautiful village called Zuowei. The Li family has lived in the village for generations. One day the Li brothers met a poor intellectual, and the three hit it off. In three days, the Li brothers treated him with distinctive family flavor. One dish for a day, Three Dishes for three days. Three years later, the Li family received a letter from a distant foreign country. The author was that intellectual. Now he has become a man of lofty ideals who serves the country and saves the people. After reading the letter, the brothers of the Li family respectfully worshipped the sky with incense, trying their best to figure out the cooking skills of the Three Dishes from the family recipe. They built the stove, purchased kitchenware, raised sheep and chickens, and went fishing. This is how they began the inheritance of the Three Dishes.