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Wild Mushroom Hot Pot


Wild mushroom hot pot is unique in Yunnan. The ingredients are ecological and delicious. To have wild mushroom hot pot, you need to go to a special mushroom hot pot restaurant. Only professional chefs can master the cooking time accurately and skillfully. When cooking the mushroom hot pot, apart from adding various mushrooms into the pot in different time, the most secretive trick is the hot pot soup that is well-developed by the owner. The hot pot soup with different recipes gives the same mushrooms a different flavor, and the most common soup is cooked with duck or goose. No matter how different the flavor is, one thing is in common. When a variety of fungi such as bolete, russula virescens, agaricus deliciosus, verdigris agaric, lactarius volemus, chanterelle, bamboo fungus, etc., are cooking in the boiling water, the fragrance is overflowing. Here is one thing to remind you that you must drink the first concentrated soup.