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Palm Fan Dance


The palm fan dance is a national traditional dance of the Hani nationality with the longest inheritance history and the most representativeness. In traditional festivals such as “angmatuo”, “kuzaza” and “shiyuenian” of the Hani people, as well as ceremonial activities such as the “mocuocuo” funeral, the Hani people would play the palm fan dance. The palm fan dance is widely spread in the Hani settlements of Yuxi City, Honghe Prefecture, Pu’er City, Xishuangbanna Prefecture and other cities in Yunnan Province. In Yuxi City, it is mainly popular in Yangjie Township, Nanuo Township and Mili Township and so on in Yuanjiang County. The origin of the palm fan dance has not been verified. It is only documented that the palm fan dance has a history of at least 400 years. There are currently more than 60 dance routes of the palm fan dance. In dancing, players often use motion rhythms such as the trembling of the legs, the fluctuations of up and down, as well as the swings of arms and arms. For women players, the main movements include “monkeys bowing”, “egrets fishing” and “eagles eating chicks”. Men players normally have “bears hugging”, “bears washing”, and “monkeys hugging” and other movements. The accompaniment instruments of the dance are mainly cowhide drums, cymbals, cymbals, suona, sanxian, etc. Accompaniment music is roughly divided into free rhythm, percussion accompaniment, free accompaniment, suona and percussion accompaniment. The palm fan dance has the characteristics of majestic accompaniment, simple and heavy, sturdy and funny movements, which is the embodiment of the Hani nationality.