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Brief Introduction of Fuxian Lake National Tourist Resort in Yuxi

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Ancient Dian Cultural Park in Yuxi (AAA)

The park, the AAA National Tourist Attraction and Yunnan's first "island without darkness", is located at the southern water area of Fuxian Lake, China's first freshwater lake at a high altitude, and covers an area of 119 mu. On account of convenient transportation, pleasant weather, and mellifluous views, a saying goes that "the magnificence triumphs the southern land without a rival, and the picture drawn by nature outshines the West Lake". The scenic area is a perfect combination of danger, peculiarity, seclusion, elegance and entertainment. It makes people relax gracefully, away from mortality or worldly disturbances, and allows you to travel willingly, explore the odd and unknown, get immersed in joy, feel free to drink and poetize...