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Brief Introduction of Fuxian Lake National Tourist Resort in Yuxi

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Brief Introduction of Fuxian Lake National Tourist Resort in Yuxi

Relying on rich natural resources, superior location conditions and splendid history and culture, the Fuxian Lake tourist resort attracts many visitors from home and abroad with a variety of vacation tourist services such as scenic spots, sports and fitness, leisure and health- care, surrounded by Fuxian Lake and Maotian Mountain. It has thus become the most suitable tourist destination for visitors to relax and maintain health.

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Superior location conditions. Located in the central part of Yunnan province, the Fuxian Lake tourist resort governed by Chengjiang County of Yuxi City, is the core area of the Yunnan Central Economic Circle, Three-Lake Ecological City Group, Fuxian Lake-Xingyun Lake Ecological Construction and Tourism Reform and Development Comprehensive Pilot Region, and Kunyu Tourist and Cultural Industry Economic Zone. Possessing obvious location advantages, it is 52 kilometers away from the provincial capital Kunming, 56 kilometers away from Kunming Changshui International Airport and 28 kilometers away from Kunmingnan Railway Station. It governs seven towns (streets) with a total population of 212,000 and an area of 984.6 square kilometers.

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Rich natural resources. With the Fuxian Lake as its core, the Fuxian Lake tourist resort is rich in natural resources. The Fuxian Lake is one of the China inland freshwater lakes which have the best water quality and is the largest deep freshwater lake in China, the important lake for strategic backup of water resources and the largest lake of the source of Zhujiang River, with a water area of 216 square kilometers, a lake shoreline of 108 kilometers, an average water depth of 95.2 meters and a maximum depth of 158.9 meters. It remains clear at an average depth of 8 meters and a maximum depth of 12.5meters, possessing a reserve of 20.6 billion cubic meters.


Splendid history and culture. The Maotian Mountain along the shore of the Fuxian Lake, possesses more than 16 categories and more than 200 kinds of Precambrian rare animal and plant fossils buried for 530 million years, which are preserved the most completely with the most concentrated distribution and the most abundant species on the earth, as examples of "Cambrian Explosion". The Maotian Mountain was listed as a natural reserve in Yunnan Province in 1997 and the first national GeoPark in 2001. In 2012 China's Chengjiang Fossil Site was successfully included into World Heritage List, becoming the only world fossil heritage in Asia and China. Together with Australia's Ediacaran Biota and Canada's Burgess Shale Fossil Beds, they are listed as the "Three Wonders" of Cambrian Explosion.


A pleasant climate. The resort is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with the warm and moist climate conditions and clean and beautiful ecological environment suitable for leisure and vacation in four seasons. As the resort is located in the hilly area of the central Yunnan Plateau, a spring-like tourism climate featured by the local comfortable temperature, sunshine, rainfall, humidity and wind speed is suitable for leisure and vacation in four seasons.

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At present, the Fuxian Lake National Tourist Resort possesses one world natural heritage, one prototype-zone of national ecotourism attractions, seven national A level tourist attractions (including one national AAAA level tourist attraction, four national AAA level tourist attractions and two national AA level tourist attractions), one Chinese traditional village, two tourist towns in Yunnan, five provincial featured tourist villages (including one provincial tourist village of ethnic characteristics), one prototype-zone of national agritourism and rural tourism attractions, two provincial prototype-enterprises of national agritourism and rural tourism attractions, four domestic travel agencies, three international resort hotels, three star-rating hotels and 16 star-rating reception units for rural tourism. The resort has successively won the titles of National Health County, Prototype-county of National Agritourism and Rural Tourism Attractions, China (Yunnan) Cultural Tourism County with the Most Investment Value and Provincial Landscape Garden City.