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Yuxi Qinghua Street (AAA)

Located in Hongta District of Yuxi, it's adjacent to Fuxian Road and Fenghuang Road in the north, and neighbors on Hongta Avenue in the west. On the east side between Hongtashan Road and the road section planned is the Sponge City Park project. The scenic spot is dedicated to becoming Yunnan's first one-stop innovative block for micro-leisure life experience themed by blue and white porcelain culture. It aims to create a cultural service cluster that is international, experience-oriented, and inclusive in business formats and cross-border operation. A characteristic commercial block that fits well with its surroundings via the fusion of ecology and environmental protection with commercial culture will be shaped. Centered on Yuxi's blue and white porcelain and supplemented by other cultures, construction contents mainly include Festival Lanterns Corridor, Blue and White Porcelain Culture Commercial Street, Gourmet World, Restaurant and Hotel Business Zone, Innovative Workshop, Blue and White Porcelain Cultural Experience Zone, and so on. Among them, the long lasting Yuxi blue and white porcelain can be dated back to the days between Yuan and Ming dynasties, and it's the epitome of the excellence of Yunnan's ceramic firing skills. It is referred to as one of the three major original places of Chinese blue and white porcelain together with Jingdezhen in Jiangxi and Jiangshan in Zhejiang. The ancient Yuxi kiln site is the only ancient ceramic site in Yunnan that has been rated as a "National Key Cultural Relics Protection Site", and its firing technique has been included in the third List of Intangible Cultural Heritages in Yunnan Province. The purpose of this scenic spot is to: inherit the blue and white porcelain of Yuxi that has been passed on for six centuries and reshape the brand stature of blue and white porcelain in Yuxi; activate the remains of modern porcelain industry in Yuxi and actively implement China's strategy of developing the cultural and creative industry vigorously; create cultural and creative miracles in Yuxi and build a new landmark integrating internationalization and traditional Yuxi culture; enhance entrepreneurship, employment and taxation, encourage the gathering of tourists, and increase regional business value; and seize the national strategic opportunity to better connect blue and white porcelain in Yuxi with the ceramic industries of countries along the Belt and Road and facilitate mutual learning.