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Yuxi Yingyuetan Leisure Culture Center (AAAA)

Located at Dayingjie, "the first village of Yunnan", Yuxi Yingyuetan Leisure Culture Center is the AAAA National Tourist Attraction, where nine streams are gathered. "九" (number nine) in Chinese culture symbolizes the culmination of all numbers, and "极" (culmination) is a homonym for "吉" (auspiciousness). Therefore, a folklore says that Dayingjie "is the most auspicious place that one may find after all". The leisure center is a tertiary industry supported by Yunnan Yuxi Tipping Paper Factory, the largest manufacturer of tipping paper in Asia. It consists of Yingyuetan Hot Spring, Yingyue Monastic Dinning Hall, Yingyue Food Court, Yingyuetan Hunting Garden and Yuquan Temple. The dynamic integration of hot spring culture, gratitude culture, Buddhism culture, traditional ethnic culture, regional culture and ecological culture together establishes a unique "way to leisure" and shape an ideal environment for mental ecology in Yingyuetan, a geomantic treasured land where the nine streams converge and the two dragons meet.