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Brief Introduction of Fuxian Lake National Tourist Resort in Yuxi

Yuxi Yingyuetan Leisure Culture Center (AAAA)

Yuxi Huilong Ecological Garden (AAAA)

Chengjiang Luchong Scenic Resort (AAAA)

Yuxi Tonghai Xiushan Historical Cultural Park (AAAA)

Xinping Mopanshan (Mopan Mountain) National Forest Park (AAAA)

Yuxi Museum (AAA)

Yuxi Qinghua Street (AAA)

Billion Years of Yuxi

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Wild Luxury River Valley

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Diversified Folk Custom Tours

Eshan County (Xie Old Town/Yunnan Tea Manor/ Bamboo Sea Scenic Area in the Yi Peoples Valley)-Xinping County (Gasa Huayao Dai Custom Town/Huayao Countryside (Huayao Dai Folk Custom & Culture School)/Dabinglangyuan Village/Manwan Village/Manxiu Village/Manli Village/Sudu Village/Xuanwo Village/Pingzhai Village and other traditional Huayao Dai villages (Visit architectural styles in Huayao Dai villages, experience strange customs there, and watch traditional handicrafts such as earthen pot production, doubling thread, weaving, embroidery and bamboo weaving))-Yuanjiang County (Nanuo Cloud Sea and Hani Terrace/Yangjie Hani Terrace/Zhega Village/Nalu Village/Datan Village/Podie Village and other traditional feature villages)

Recommended Scenic Areas:

        4A Level: Xinping Mopan Mountain National Forest Park.

3A Level: Xinping County Ailao Mountain Shimen Gorge Scenic Area, Qinhuai Manor, Mosha Damuyu Huayao Dai Cultural Ecological Village; Yuanjiang County Red River Valley Geothermal Hot Spring Scenic Area. 

2A Level: Bamboo Sea Scenic Area in Eshan Yi Peoples Valley; Xinping County Longquan Park, Guzhou Yelin Scenic Area, Longxi Gentlehood Manor. 

Recommended Food:

Eshan Pestled Chicken with Seasonings, Roasted Goose

        Xinping Beef Soup Pot, Yaonan Ham, Pickled Vegetables 

Yuanjiang Duoduo Cake, Cattle Hoof BBQ, Pickled Colocasia esculento L. Schott Tuber

Recommended Souvenirs:

Eshan Tea, Yi peoples embroidery 

Xinping tartary buckwheat products, pickled vegetables, art crafts of Huayao Dai people 

Yuanjiang aloe products and tropical fruits 

Recommended Hotels:

Banshan Hotels: 

Xinping Shujishanshe Hotel, Xinping Jinwan Yihao Hotel, Huayao Tianjian Hotel

Boutique Hotels:

Xinping County: Gasa Bund Hotel, Gasa Shiguang Xiaozhu Hotel, Qinhuai Manor, Wealthy All Suite Hotel 

        Yuanjiang County: Xindalu International Hotel, Yuanjiang Hotel, Honghegu Geothermal Hot Spring Hotel

Four-Star Rural Tourist Reception Merchants:

Eshan County: Rongyuan Yi Style Inn

Xinping County: Qinhuai Manor, Xiangshan Villa, Juli Manor

Yuanjiang County: Xiaowen Renjia Restaurant, Yijiangfeng Moringa Oleifera Manor