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Brief Introduction of Fuxian Lake National Tourist Resort in Yuxi

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Yuxi Tonghai Xiushan Historical Cultural Park (AAAA)

Xinping Mopanshan (Mopan Mountain) National Forest Park (AAAA)

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Yuxi Qinghua Street (AAA)

Billion Years of Yuxi

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Revolutionary History of Yuxi· Red Tours

Chengjiang City (Former Site of Sun Yat-Sen University in Pufusi)-Jiangchuan District (Tanghuaiyuan Showroom of Lijiangshan Bronze Ware Museum/Historic Site of the Headquarters of the 12th Regiment of Column of Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou Border Region of the People's Liberation Army/Former Site of Detaining Place of Pan Yitian)-Tonghai County (Zhu Des Former Residence in Xiushan/Ma Kechangs Former Residence in Hanyi/Revolutionary Activity Memorial of Donghua Normal School)-Hongta District (Yuxi Municipal Museum/Nie Er Memorial Hall/Former Site of the First Branch of CPC Yuxi County Committee/ Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial/Zhengs Former Residence)-Yimen County (Martyrs Sun Lanyings Martyrdom Site Memorial)-Eshan County (Former Site of CPC Eshan County Working Committee/Former Site of CPC Central Yunnan Committee in Michichong)-Xinping County (Former Site of the Joint Meeting of Representatives from CPC Central Yunnan, South Yunnan and Sipu Committee in Yangwu Town/Gasa Town Longxi Gentlehood Manor- Historic Site of Dapingzhang Battle)-Yuanjiang County (Historic Site of Sniper War)

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