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Brief Introduction of Fuxian Lake National Tourist Resort in Yuxi

Yuxi Yingyuetan Leisure Culture Center (AAAA)

Yuxi Huilong Ecological Garden (AAAA)

Chengjiang Luchong Scenic Resort (AAAA)

Yuxi Tonghai Xiushan Historical Cultural Park (AAAA)

Xinping Mopanshan (Mopan Mountain) National Forest Park (AAAA)

Yuxi Museum (AAA)

Yuxi Qinghua Street (AAA)

Billion Years of Yuxi

Colorful Ethnic Style

Wild Luxury River Valley

“Yuxi History” Holiday & Study Tours

Diversified Folk Custom Tours

Rustic Luxury River Valleys ·Adventure Tours

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“Yuxi History” Holiday & Study Tours

Chengjiang City (Fuxian Lake National Tourist Resort/Chengjiang Fossil Site World Natural Heritage (Chengjiang Fossil Site Natural Museum)/Cambrian Town Happy World/Chengjiang Municipal Planning Museum/Yidu Bay Sailing Boat Base)-Jiangchuan District(Xinhezui Village (Bronze handicraft manufacture inspection)/Jieyushi Park/Wetland Park at the Northern Bank of the Xingyun Lake/ Wetland Park at the Southern Bank of the Xingyun Lake/Jiangchuan Lijiashan Bronze Ware Museum)-Huaning County (Wanyao Village (Huaning pottery production))-Tonghai County (National Famous Historic and Cultural City/Qilu Lake National Wetland Park/Xiushan Park (Confucian, Taoism and Buddhists culture)/ Three Ceremonies in the Confucius Temple (Life Ceremony, Enlightenment Ceremony, Coming-Of-Age Ceremony)/Female Dongjing Music/Xingmeng Township Three Sages Palace/Sibeijia Yunnan Food Culture Scenic Area)-Hongta District (Hongta Mountain Tourist Area (Hongta Industrial Tour)/Yuxi Kiln Site/Qinghua Street Scenic Area (Ceramic Culture Exhibition)/Nie Ers Former Residence/Nie Er Memorial Hall)

Recommended Scenic Areas: 

4A level: Chengjiang Luchong Scenic Area; Tonghai Xiushan Park; Hongta District Huilong Ecological Garden, Yingyue Pond Recreational Culture Center 

3A level: Fuxian Lake Guanglong Tourist Town, Chengjiang Yueliang Bay Wetland Park, Xianhu Bay Scenic Area, Mingxing Yudong Scenic Area, Mingxing Biyun Park, Ancient Dian State Cultural Park (Gushan Mountain Scenic Area), Fuxian Lake Xingkong Town; Sibeijia Yunnan Food Culture Scenic Area; Yuxi Municipal Museum, Longma Mountain Scenic Area. 

2A level: Chengjiang Fengshan Park, Xipu Park; Jiangchuan Lijiashan Bronze Ware Museum; Huaning Xiangbi Hot Spring Resort; Yuxi Jiulong Pond Park. 

Recommended Food: 

Chengjiang Copper Pan Fish, Copper Pan Rice, Lotus Root Products, Simmered Pig Feet, Cold Peameal Dressed with Sauce 

Jiangchuan Cooked Fish with Spicy Sauce, Three Dishes

Huaning Diluted Bean Powder, Stewed Pork Skin

Tonghai Sweet White Wine, Soybean Powdered Sugar, Copper Cooking Pan, Taiji Eel, handmade desserts 

Hongta District Cold Rice Noodles, Eel Rice Noodles, Small Pot Noodles, Chicken in Sour Soup, Chicken with Chili and Wild Pepper Sauce, Roast Duck

Recommended Souvenirs

Chengjiang lotus root starch, animal fossil handicraft souvenirs

Jiangchuan bronze ware handicraft souvenirs, Cooked Fish with Spicy Sauce

        Huaning pottery, sausages 

        Tonghai silver accessories, Sibeijia Yunnan food, flowers 

Hongta District blue-and-white ceramics, tamarind cake, sesame-seed slice, preserved wax gourd, marinated tofu 

Recommended Hotels: 

Banshan Hotels: 

Fuxian Lake BoTian Manor Resort Hotel, Hongta District Changle Hot Spring Resort Hotel

Boutique Hotels

Changjiang City: Tongchenyuan Boutique Hotel, Dolphin Bay Hotel in Cambrian Happy World, Ramada Hotel, Chengjiang Manor Hotel, Hongyuewan Holiday Hotel Fuxian Lake ,  Wyndham Garden Hotel, Yinmo Hotel, Xana Hotel, James Joyce Coffetel, Echarm Hotel, Qihu Hotel, World Expo ·Qihui Hotel

Tonghai County: Tonghai Mingbang Hotel

Hongta District: Huilong Hot Spring Manor, Retang Hotel, Shanshui Grand Hotel, H Hotel, Kravt Hotel, Le Grand Bleu Hotel, Hampton by Hilton Hotel

Key Guesthouses: 

Chengjiang County: Serene Brit Boutique Hotel, Yucheng Holiday Hotel, Fuxian Lake 25 Degree Blue Hotel, Fangcunjian Baixiangshan Guesthouse, Fangcunjian Xiyunshe Guesthouse, “Lan Shan Su” Boutique B&B Hotel, Huamingji Elephant Resort Hotel, Chengkuo Hotel, Sanshang Hotel, Haiguan Huying Inn, Wushe Dongan Inn, Lake Guesthouse, Fuxian Lake Shuyuan Hotel, Yunmi Xishe Hotel,  Ease Cloud Hotel (Rousseau), Tingfeng Kanyu Hotel, Angelas Inn, Ruide Guesthouse, Shifang Guesthouse, Yunbo Yinshe Ryokan Hotel, Yunhai Shanju Hotel, Humble House Resort Hotel, Duoluoxi Hotel, Bo Lian Chen Inn, Yilianju Hotel, Yuejingwan Resort Hotel, Songhu Inn

Tonghai County: Yuanheng Hotel, Tonghai Xiushan Guesthouse 

Four-Star Rural Tourist Reception Merchants: 

Chengjiang City: Four Seasons Farm

Jiangchuan District: Three Courses Restaurant  

Tonghai County: Lishan Restaurant

Hongta District: Xinxing Blueberry Manor, Sihe Yuanshanju Inn, the Qis Recreational Manor, Huixi Manor, Yanhe Huaguoshan Agritainment